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Wet Nose Wednesday – Octagon

Meet Octagon (and find out why we call him that)!

Tips to Reduce Your Dog’s Stress During the 4th of July

In order to keep your dog safe, here are tips to help reduce their stress during the…

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Breaks His Silence About His Life-Threatening Experience

Less than a week ago, Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was out walking her three precious…

Lady Gaga’s 2 French Bulldogs Were Stolen After Her Dog Walker Was Shot 4 Times

This is so sad. Lady Gaga’s dog walker has been shot 4 times in a horrific attack…

Wet Nose Wednesday: Tater

Lookin' for a solid spud of a dog? Look no further than Tater!

Ben & Jerry’s Releases a Line Of Ice Cream Safe for Dogs

Ben & Jerry’s is obviously known for their perfectly sized pints in every fun flavor, and now…

Now There’s A Christmas Song Just For Your Dogs To Enjoy

Because this needed to happen right?   Raise the Woof! The ‘First-Ever’ Christmas Song Made for Dogs…

Amazon Prime Launches Trailer for “The Pack”, A Global Adventure With Dogs and Their Owners

Starting November 20th, Amazon Prime Video is about to get a whole lot cuter! “The Pack” starts…

Wet Nose Wednesday: Frankie The Pit

Give a warm welcome to Frankie!

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