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Hi! I’m Emily.

I grew up in Indianapolis and I just moved out of my mom’s house (finally). I’m always kind of in the middle of a quarter-life crisis that doesn’t end and I’m doing my best just like you. Except I’m living out mine on the radio with you weekday afternoons. I’m an avid collector of black leggings and a self-proclaimed sweatpant aficionado. I may look like a slop-tart a lot, but I do know my way around some false eyelashes. I make a lot of videos, so you’ll find out all the different versions of my face soon enough.

I like sitting at home watching cooking competition shows and stand-up with my cat. I get out too… but please let there be food there if I’m gonna put on real pants. We’ll talk about our problems together. Maybe yours will make me feel better about mine.

I’m easy to spot in public because my hair is LOUD, but you’ll find me on socials at @emilyontheradio!