It’s not “Finding Nemo”, or “Finding Dory”…It’s #FindingDavo. A woman in Great Britain is putting up posters all over town looking for her missing goldfish.

It’s 2019 but we still don’t believe fish can walk yet. Are you expecting to find the fish on the sidewalk or street corner. Perhaps you’re thinking somebody found it and put it on a leash???? Oh God..

Davo shared his tank with three other fish the owner Tanya told the Swindon Advertiser. She also said that she has ruled out the possibility of her dogs having eaten him!

Not to be the bearer of bad news but have you considered that maybe one of the other fish ate him……?

“Our fish tank has a lid on it,” she said. “I’ve emptied the filter, moved all the stones in the tank. I’ve checked all around the kitchen, checked under the counters.”

A Facebook group has been made as well! People are going NUTS looking for this guy!!! A 20 mile bike ride search was even conducted!!

We truly have some amazing people out there searching for our Davo…. #FindingDavo

Posted by Finding Davo on Sunday, January 6, 2019

Good luck soldiers. We salute you and your journey to find him!


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