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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp All Went Down

Where were you when social media went dark?

There Was A Cow In A Sedan In Wisconsin

Make that THREE cows in a sedan! That’s not something you see every day. Jessica Nelson was…

Facebook Releases New Rapping App

Facebook is no stranger to taking shall we say, “inspiration” from other tech (Snapchat-like stories)…and now they…

Today in History: Facebook Launches

It was February 4, 2004 the world changed when Facebook launched.

Disney is Hiring for a ‘Star Wars’ Social Media Manager!

Finally a job we could be qualified to do!

Facebook Thought This Was Smut

Get that smut off our screen!! LOL

Which Quarantine Barbie Are You?

This is SOOO RELATABLE!  Facebook user Grandma Gets Real created a bunch of Quarantine Barbie sets…which are…

Facebook Fight Theater: Mask Versus No Mask

We came across comedian Brent Pella who perfectly personified both sides of this debate…to mask or not…

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