It was highly unlikely that these two dogs would ever see each other again. But when they did, their reactions were priceless.

Pike Place Market in Seattle is one of the busiest markets in the US. It sees over 15 million visitors a year. Most of which are tourists who swing through to see those guys throw fish across the market. So, a chance encounter like the one Maui and Juniper had was very much an unlikely event.

Over a year ago, two golden retrievers aged 11 months old were brought to the US from Russia to be put up for adoption. They were siblings and then separated when they were adopted by different families.

The unlikely family reunion occurred when Maui began sprinting toward what her owners thought was a strange dog. But Juniper wasn’t strange to Maui…Juniper was her sister and they both remembered! Pam Corwin, a vendor at Pike Place, witnessed the whole thing and filmed the incredible family reunion.

The owners have exchanged phone numbers and have begun planning play dates for the dogs. #Amazing

Read more about this heart warming reunion HERE.

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