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Source: YouTube

We’re calling this a #SettingTheBar story. If you can managed to make it through the day not crashing your plane to drive views on YouTube, you’re doing ok.

Trevor Jacob is a YouTuber who thought he had the perfect idea to drive views on his channel…and he was right because this has over 4 million views. That bad part is…it could land him behind bars for 20 years!!!

29-year-old Jacob pleaded guilty to obstructing a federal investigation in relation his plane crash in 2021 of his single-engine aircraft in Los Padres national forest in California. He had cameras mounted to capture every angle, including Jacob jumping out of the cockpit with a parachute as the plane plummets to the ground.

Here’s where the trouble starts. He originally told authorities that the aircraft lost power and that he didn’t know where the wreck was.  Investigators later determined he hadn’t attempted to call air traffic control, locate a safe landing zone, or restart the engine. And even thought he told NTSB he didn’t know where the wreckage was, he and a friend flew to the crash site weeks after the flight and towed the plane to a hangar where he spent days destroying it. Jacob admitted in the plea agreement that he did that on purpose to throw off investigators and said he never intended to complete the flight. 

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