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setting the bar

Woman Sues McDonald’s Because Their Ad Made Her Break Her Lent Promise

We’re calling this a “Setting the Bar” story… If you can manage to make it through the…

Wild Boar Vs. Nudist

This is so very 2020…A German nudist is the victim in our story and yes, a wild…

Setting the Bar Stories

Weekday mornings The Ben Davis & Kelly K Show set the bar for your day very low. …

Dem Arby’s BoyZ

This is a real news story, but not a "real" eye witness. Still funny!

This Unicorn Cake DIDN’T Turn Out As Expected

She ordered a unicorn cake from a bakery and what she got was far from it!

Man Farts At Police, Asks “How Do You Like That?”

If you can manage to make it through the day without farting on police… you're doing OK.

Groom Gets So Drunk He Has To Be Fed By His New Mother-In-Law

If you can manage to make it through the day without getting so drunk at your wedding…

Teenager Busted Going to the Bathroom at 106 MPH

Teen Caught Speeding Blamed Wings, Having To Poop. There are tons of excuses drivers give for speeding…

Man Gets Tattoo To Apologize To Wife & It Goes Horribly Wrong

Nothing says 'please forgive me honey' like getting a tattoo with multiple typos across your chest… (some…

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