Jack Harlow Makes Acting Debut

Louisville’s own Grammy-nominated musician Jack Harlow will make his acting debut in the remake of White Men Can’t Jump.


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The original, released in 1992, White Men Can’t Jump stars Woody Harrelson as Billy Hoyle, a former college basketball star who wins bets against streetballers who think they can beat him because he’s white. His hustling strategy changes when he runs into Sidney (Wesley Snipes), another baller who tricks Billy out of a huge chunk of cash. After some prodding from their significant others, Sidney and Billy form a partnership that slowly grows into a friendship as they enter 2-on-2 tournaments for big bucks.

Jack Harlow bagged the role after his very first screen test. He’ll play the Billy role previously played by Harrelson. Casting is currently underway for the Sidney role. Harlow really has game too; he demonstrated his basketball skills at the recent NBA All-Star Weekend’s Celebrity Game.

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