Woman Rants On TikTok To Male Birds: “Stop Being So Desperate”

This is a “bless her heart” kind of moment…this woman on TikTok has a message she thinks is needed in this particular community. But she kinda has no clue how things work…in the bird world.

If you can manage to make it through the day without posting a rant on TikTok aimed at DESPERATE male BIRDS…you’re doing ok.


@annaredhair__ can’t stand to see the harrassment anymore #birdcommunity ♬ original sound – Anna Rudegeair

This is kind of hilarious…and a “bless her heart” kind of moment. But this woman on TikTok named Anna thinks she’s rolling in as the first to offer some solid dating advice…to male BIRDS. In a nutshell, she thinks they’re being too weird and desperate. 

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