The Usher performance was great, but the memes!

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series has had some great moments. Usher agreed to perform and did not disappoint. He showcased his pure vocal range, raw talent, and the reason he’s a superstar. Usher covered some of his monster hits like, “Confessions Pt II,” “Superstar,” and “You Make Me Wanna…”.

At one point during his performance of “Confessions Pt II,” Usher looks directly at the camera, waves his hands in front of his eyes, and whispers in a sultry tone, “Watch this.” That’s what everyone loved. Then the memes began…

Here are some of our favorites:

We could literally do this all day! But like all things on the Internet, this will burn quickly, so enjoy the moment.

What’s your favorite Usher meme you’ve seen?

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