This fella was curious about something. He wanted to know what his 4 year old was thinking out on the ice. So, he mic’d him up.

When the NFL Network plays video of professional athletes who are mic’d up. We’re entertained by some off color sideline chatter. Sometimes we get to hear the disagreements they have with the officials or coaches. But the best interactions are the ones they have with their fellow team mates.

I’m a Bears fan and even I can admit that Brett Favre was the king of being mic’d up.

Now, have you ever wondered what your 4 year old was thinking while they’re out on the soccer field, or baseball diamond, out on the court or even on the ice? This father from Canada wondered what his kid was thinking on the ice and decided to mic him up. The result, is hilarious!

I wanna go to BaDonalds too, buddy.

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