A Texas Police department has had enough of people parking horribly so they’ve decided to combat the issue in a funny and savage way.

The officers in that photo aren’t police officers from Texas. But I would imagine those smiles are the same ones a Texas Police department’s force has on their faces when they get to issue a parking citation. It seems drivers in Texas are having trouble parking in between the white lines. This annoyance becomes a legit problem with they take up space in a handicapped parking spot.

So to combat this, the Southlake Police Department has begun issuing coloring assignments with parking citations.

This social trend of police departments bragging about their accomplishments while ridiculing the criminals is nothing new. Nor is it relegated to just the police department. Local Fire departments all over the US have gotten in on it.

You would think people would know not to park in front of a fire hydrant. Guess not.

As funny as these posts are; I think we can safely say that our very own LMPD wins the award for funniest Facebook posts.

LMPD’s hashtag game is on point.

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