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So You Want To Know About Boxing Day

December 26th… Boxing Day.  Relatively unknown in the U.S., Boxing Day is a bank holiday in the U.K. and countries throughout the British Commonwealth, including Canada and Australia.

The day has evolved into one popularly devoted to post-Christmas shopping, but its origins remain a bit blurry.

The term Boxing Day first appeared in print in 1833. Four years later, Charles Dickens would make reference to it in ‘The Pickwick Papers.’ The day and its name could have arisen from the “Christmas boxes” often given to servants by their lords, the day after the holiday.

These boxes were essentially holiday bonuses, including leftovers from Christmas dinner or small gifts and money.

Boxing Day may have also originated from the Dec. 26 distribution of donations collected in church alms boxes. In addition to shopping, Boxing Day is also a popular day to watch soccer or cricket and spend time with friends.

There you go and Happy Boxing Day!

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