It was January the last time Netflix raised their subscription prices. Now just two months later, they’re doing it yet again.

Here we go again. It’s barely been two months since the last time Netflix dipped deeper into our checking accounts to take their share of our earnings. All signs are pointing to another subscription increase. That will make two inside of 6 months. Could this be an indication of more price hikes to come? The past would say ‘yes!’.

According to CNN Business, Netflix sent emails to customers this week that announced the price hike that will start in May. The new price structure is as follows.

The basic plan will rise from $8 to $9 per month, the standard plan that includes HD streaming on two devices will go from $11 to $13 per month, and the price of its premium plan will increase from $14 to $16.

Of course Netflix is citing a deluge of new, original content to justify the increase. After all, this year we’re getting new seasons of “Stranger Things“, “Ozark“, and “Mindhunter“. Also let’s not forget that Netflix basically ran fall with “Birdbox” and more or less created the desire for true crime documentaries with not one but TWO installments of “Making a Murderer“.

But I have to think that soon we will reach a point in the price increases where we’re just not ready to continue forking over an ever increasing amount of money for new content. At what point will my monthly bill for Netflix be equal to that of a traditional cable bill that includes a nice internet connection? When we reach that point is probably when I’ll be cutting the Netflix cord.

Until then…TAKE MY MONEY and keep the true crime docs coming!

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