After she was charged last week in the massive college admissions scandal, Hallmark Channel dumped Lori Loughlin. Now we learn she won’t be back for the fifth and final season of ‘Fuller House’ on Netflix.

That’s not all…a California mom is suing Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and more than a dozen others for $500 BILLION saying their scam kept her son from getting into college.  Jennifer Kay Toy says her son, Joshua, applied to some of the colleges where the cheating took place and didn’t get in.  She claims Joshua graduated with a 4.2 grade point average, but didn’t make the cut for some “undisclosed reason.”

Lori’s daughter, Olivia Jade, is having a super great week too. Sephora is no longer doing any promotional work with her and she withdrew from USC out of fear of possibly bullying. Now there’s a story that was dug up from an appearance on a game show in 2016 that was rigged for her to win.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Jade was on the game show against two other people — a singer and a fellow influencer. And when she lost the show, which is taped in front of a live audience, producers came out and said they needed to re-tape the ending with Olivia winning $5,000 for her charity.

Of course, media is digging up old comments they made about parenting advice that is now super awkward.



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