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KFC Working On Poultry-Free Chicken Nuggets

Huh?  Yep. Chicken nuggets minus the chicken. Now this isn’t their first rodeo with chicken-free chicken…they previously teamed up with Beyond Meat for meatless nuggets.

But now, KFC is attempting to become the “restaurant of the future” by being the first to make chicken nuggets in a lab, using a 3D printer. They have teamed up with a Russian tech firm to print chicken meat made from chicken cells and plant material.

According to a press release issued by KFC, the chain will provide the firm with spices and breading “to achieve the signature KFC taste” to duplicate both the texture and taste of its classic recipe.  Although no live chickens will be used to create the nuggets, they can’t be called vegetarian as animal material will be used to make them.

In addition to the expected nutritional value of the nuggets, they also would be more eco-friendly to produce. In a recent study in the American Environmental Science and Technology Journal, KFC noted the purported benefits of cell-grown meat, which severely reduces greenhouse-gas emissions and energy consumption.

KFC claims its three-dimensional-printed nuggets will be ready for final testing in Moscow before 2021.



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