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Guy Finds His Brother’s Custom Letter Jacket Nearly 30 Years Later

Nearly three decades after his brother designed a high school football team jacket for himself, only to be unable to afford it, a man came upon the item in a thrift store.

While playing varsity football in  Scottsdale, Arizona  28 years ago, Jed Mottley designed a custom letter  jacket for himself. When the jacket was ready for pick up, Mottley’s mother informed him they didn’t have the $300 cash to afford it. Not getting the jacket was really disappointing nearly 30 years ago. But Jed’s older brother Josh walked into a thrift store, some 180 miles from their high school a few weeks ago and there it was hanging on the rack. While the jacket had cost $300 when Jed customized it, Josh was able to buy it for just $25.


The brothers think finding the jacket, after all these years, may be a sign from their mother, who died in 2012.




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