So remember the cute story of Dennis Quaid hearing about a cat in a shelter in Virginia named Dennis Quaid, and he decided to adopt it?  Well now he’s turning the story into a non-scripted series.

“Saving Dennis Quaid” will follow the actor and his business partner Jimmy Jellinek as they set out on a mission to adopt the cat.

He says, “I’ve been lucky enough to be associated with the wonderful world of pets through my involvement in recent films. And while I’ve traditionally been more of a dog person, when I heard that ‘Dennis Quaid the Cat’ was in peril, I knew I had to act quick. It’s been amazing to see the public’s response to our little pet adoption, and during a difficult year for all of us, I’m glad it offered some levity and brightness. I’m very much looking forward to sharing kitty Quaid’s story with viewers and listeners in these new projects.”

He recently appeared for the virtual “The Parent Trap” reunion.




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