Britney Spears threw some grenades at her family in the form of her account of the events that led to her conservatorship on YouTube.  Before taking the video down, she said, “I know now it was all premeditated and a woman introduced the idea to my dad then my mom helped him actually follow through and made it all happen.” She also says she can’t believe her mom and sister, Jamie Lynn, didn’t step up to help.

She talks about 200 paparazzi being there to capture the moment she was taken by ambulance for a psychiatric hold in 2008 despite not having any drugs or alcohol in her system. She claims her mom gave her a cryptic warning 4 hours earlier that “we’ve heard some people are coming to talk to you” and suggested they go to a hotel or something.  And in 2019 when she canceled her Vegas residency because her dad’s health? That was a lie. She said she said no to a dance move, and the next thing you know she was being sent for treatment and was supposed to say the reason was her dad’s health.

Britney says she’s most angry at her mom for never stepping in, only refusing to talk to reporters because she “didn’t know what to say” and didn’t want to “say the wrong thing.” GMA had even more of the 22 minute video:

Her mom responded on Instagram saying this is a talk that should be just between them.




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