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Brad Pitt Thought He Would Get Typecast As A “Pretty Boy” Early In His Career

Brad Pitt was profiled in an E! True Hollywood Story chronicling his rise to fame, and insiders shared his worries of being typecast after Thelma & Louise at the beginning of his career.

“Suddenly he became somebody who was constantly on the cover of magazines and everybody wanted to know about his social life and who he was dating,” psychologist and Cult of Celebrity author Cooper Lawrence said.

The director of Kalifornia, Dominic Sena, shared, “He had just finished A River Runs Through It and he felt between that and Thelma & Louise, he was concerned about being typecast as a pretty boy. He just said he was looking for something completely different and I thought, ‘Boy have I got a role for you,’” 

He starred in the movie with Juliette Lewis, his then-girlfriend at the time. Sena was a little worried how that would work. “Considering they were in the middle of a relationship, I thought it could either be wonderful or it could be terrible. But I’ve got to tell you, it was a joy. All of this sort of interactive stuff between them felt real. They were just into one another and it was pretty all encompassing.”



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