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Bold and Bossy Leaves Ellis Park During A Race And Takes Off Down The Highway

Well this isn’t something you see every day!

Bold and Bossy is a racehorse . . . and on Saturday she was supposed to race at Ellis Park in Henderson, Kentucky.  But then she felt a little BOLD AND BOSSY. She bucked off her jockey, and TOOK OFF.  She escaped the track, and started running down the highway, alongside the cars.  Thankfully, she wasn’t hit, despite running for 30 minutes . . . at full speed . . . down multiple interstate highways. She eventually got exhausted and slowed down, and she was taken in by a veterinarian who was in pursuit, along with trainers, an animal ambulance, and the local police on Highway 41 in Evansville.  She was sedated and taken to a barn to relax and rest.

Except that in the middle of the night, a terrible FIRE started in the barn, and it wasn’t long before the whole place was engulfed in flames.  Bold and Bossy was rescued by some “unknown hero,” along with the other horses in the barn. She suffered burns to her neck and shoulder-area, but it sounds like she’ll be okay.  It’s unclear what this means for her racing future . . . but after all this trauma, we think she’s earned some apples and carrots and R&R.

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