While eating garlic bread might not be the healthiest activity, making $30 an hour for doing it could compensate for the few extra pounds that might result from doing so.

Domino’s is looking for a “Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester,” according to a job posting on LinkedIn. The tongue-in-cheek ad reads, “Qualities of the perfect person for the job include: Never met a carb they didn’t like; does not identify as a vampire; and understands the perfect crunch to softness ratio.” However, in addition to really stinky breath, the gig does have a downside: The position is based at Domino’s headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.

To apply, garlic bread aficionados must explain why they would be best for the job in a 200-word essay or a 30-second video and upload it to Dominos.com by October 7th.

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