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Because Travis Kelce is mic’d up during the game for the NFL network, we know what they said to each other on the field after the Chief’s big win!

Like a good boyfriend, he was thankful she made the effort to travel all the way from Tokyo to be there! “Thank you for coming, baby,” he told her while she replied, “Oh, I cannot believe that, I can’t believe you. How did you do that?” He thanked her again: “Thank you for the support. Thank you for coming. Thank you for coming halfway across the world. You’re the best, baby. The absolute best,”  “Was it electric?” She kissed him and said, “It was unbelievable.”

As for the other moment people were talking about from that night, Kelce yelling at Coach Andy Reid, both have responded to that and even Tom Brady weighed in.

His brother Jason said he crossed a line…and Travis admitted he’s a passionate guy but there’s no other coach he wants to play for!

And that after party…her parents were there! They are social media official!

And Jason and Travis recapped all of it on their “New Heights” podcast!

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