Wet Nose Wednesday – Jack

Meet our Wet Nose Wednesday star, Jack!

Jack knows what he likes… and what he doesn’t. He’s an independent dude who doesn’t put up with any tomfoolery or shenanigans, and needs a home that will follow his rules. Above all else – Jack does not like sharing space with other animals. He’s meant to be the apple of your eye and as such, requests that he be your one and only fur-baby.

As a five-year-old working breed, Jack is truly a “jack of all trades” and needs a family that will give him the physical and mental stimulus he requires. 🐾 We’re firm believers that Jack would make a phenomenal pest control, garden guard or truck driving companion! He’s always up for a challenge and doesn’t hesitate to sniff out fun, new things to do. While Jack may prefer to ride solo in the animal department, his loyalty towards humans knows no bounds. His intelligence and excitement for life shines when he’s the center of attention and gets to show off all of his tricks! If you think this one-of-a-kind terrier might be the paw-fect companion for you, visit him at our Sam Swope Pet TLC (Main Campus) today!

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