Texts From Mom on Jimmy Kimmel Are Perfectly Timed for Mother’s Day

Mother and daughter at dinner restaurant, eating fast food

Mother’s day is Sunday so Jimmy Kimmel took a moment to highlight something we can all relate to. Mom’s horrible texting skills.

The greatest thing ever was when my mom got a laptop and learned to use email. She was so formal with everything. The subject lines of her emails were always the day of the week she was sending it. Just like a good gym rat, mom never missed a “Monday” email. I’d like to think that if she were to send me a text message today, it would be just as formal.

Celebrities it seems have parents just like you and I. They sometimes struggle with modern technology. But when they get the hang of it…they’re dangerous!

How many times has your mom told you to “go the duck to sleep!”? So many ducking times.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!



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