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The Today show featured an inspiring story of a woman’s long road to becoming a teacher, and the counselor who pushed her as a student. Tykesha Cross credits her mentor Yolanda Prim for saving her life by getting her back in the classroom after she left to raise her baby. Tykesha’s mom was an alcoholic and her dad died when she was six, so her grandparents raised her.  She thrived in school academically, until she got pregnant senior year. She thought her life was over. Until Mrs. Prim, her guidance counselor, showed up at her house and told her quitting wasn’t an option. AND Yolanda told her she’s going to college despite the fact nobody in her family had gone to college.

She got her degree and married her high school sweetheart, and they expanded their family. But everything came crashing down in 2015 when she lost her job and her grandparents passed away.  A chance encounter with Yolanda gave her a job as a substitute teacher. Once Yolanda saw she was a natural in the classroom, she pushed her to get certified…which she did. Yolanda even gave Tykesha’s husband a job as a substitute teacher. Now, he’s starting his first year as a Vice Principal for the district. The Today Show set up a reunion so Tykesha could tell Yolanda what an impact she’s made in her life.

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