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It’s probably a mixture of both flattering and shocking to see fans go out of their way for their favorite artists. Tate McRae did a quick carpet interview at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards where she revealed some of the craziest things her fans have done for her.

The first thing that came to mind was the fans that get her name tattooed on them:

I’ve seen like big massive ones across peoples’, like, thighs and like across their chests and arms.

But on top of permanent ink, people are willing to travel far for her — and not just across the country. Some of her fans are coming from one country to another to see her perform:

People fly from, like, Australia and like, come all the way to, like, Nashville. And I’m like “it’s insane that you took that long of a flight to see my shows.” But it’s very cool.

She goes on to explain that she’s stirred up in the moment with her new music and all the big events she’s going to, such as the Billboard Music Awards and performing at Saturday Night Live. Check out her live songs from SNL here!



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