Chocolate chip cookies are a classic and Nestlé Toll House has just made them a bonafide party for your mouth with their new Disco Morsels. Yep…edible glitter make these beauties look like a dang disco ball and we’re EXCITED. They come in both semi-sweet and milk chocolate bags…glitter-coated morsels mixed in with the regular chips. Find them at Walmart for $2.48 a bag which is enough to make 24 party cookies! 


But then you may have missed they rolled out a new line of Morsels & More that have two OTHER ingredients in the bag!   Strawberries & Cream Flavored is made up of premier white morsels, graham cracker bits, and strawberry-flavored chunks!   Then, you can grab the second one is Spring Easter Basket, which is made up of peanut butter-flavored morsels, pretzel sticks, and colorful candy eggs.

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