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Hilarious Parenting Hack: Use A Plastic Goose To Keep Toddlers In Their Beds

If you’ve had toddlers graduate to big boy or big girl bed, you may relate to this struggle. When they discover they CAN get out of bed, they will. There are a million parenting hack videos on YouTube with cool tips, but this mom on Tik Tok has found an unusual tool to help keep her toddler in bed: a plastic goose.


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Mom Taylor shared a clip to her TikTok page, @taytertot95, imparting one of her “parenting tips.” She set up a camera in her hallway, ready to capture her toddler’s inevitable attempt at escape.

But as he opens the door, a life-size plastic goose is waiting for him, as he quickly slams the door shut, with a muffled scream heard from inside. The hilarious video has been seen more than 9 million times, and can be watched here, since being posted last week, and left fellow parents in stitches.


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