Here Are Fun Places To Go For Mocktails During Dry January

Several bars and restaurants in Louisville are participating in the “Dry January” challenge by offering non-alcoholic options and special menus for the month. Here are just a few providing mocktails and non-alcoholic beers and wines.

Bar Vetti: Some mocktails to choose from include “Impostore Spritz,” “Bianca Spritz” and the “N.A.-Groni.” Non-alcoholic beers from Athletic Brewing and Lagunitas Brewing Company are also available.

Canary Club: They have $9 options including the “best riff on an NA Old Fashioned you’ll ever have.” Plus fan-favorite, the “Italian Pony.” The bar stocks NA beers and wine. Plus, non-alcoholic drinks are half off on Mondays!

The Merryweather: With a special January menu including a “Dry Tai,” “Nada Colada,” “Mock-Scow Mule” and “Not Toddy” you can find something fun to drink without ruining your challenge.

Seviche: Seviche has two unique mocktails on the menu, called “When Life Gives You Kiwis” and “Mango Bite.” Yum!

ShopBar: They will make mocktails, booze free hot cider, and have NA beers to help keep ya honest.

The Dry January movement, which encourages people to abstain from alcohol for the month, has gained popularity in recent years as part of efforts to reduce the societal and health effects of alcohol. The participating venues aim to provide inclusive options for all customers.

Do you have a favorite place to grab a mocktail?


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