Source: YouTube

Hailey Bieber has gained 2 million followers on her YouTube channel with her interview series, Who’s In My Bathroom?, and now she’s adding in a cooking show called What’s In My Kitchen? It debuts this week in six episodes featuring Bieber sharing recipes for her favorite dishes.

She said, “I’ve loved cooking and sharing meals with friends on my social channels for years, and I can’t wait to bring this experience to the fans…I can’t wait for everybody to see what’s next.”

She’ll use ingredients from the food justice nonprofit Community Services Unlimited and she will make a donation to fund $100,000 in microloans of $100,000 to women and people of color in the food industry.

Is it wrong to immediately be concerned Selena Gomez fans are going to get fired up about this too??? (You know, because Selena had a cooking show first.) Hopefully not.

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