Duet With Tracy Chapman Defining Moment For Luke Combs

Luke Combs Calls Tracy Chapman Duet ‘A Defining Moment Of My Career’

Luke Combs is still floating after his Grammys duet with Tracy Chapman.

The country star is reflecting on the impact that the awards ceremony had on him. “What an unreal Grammy week to say the least,” Combs wrote. “There were so many laughs, tears, hugs, and cheers that it almost doesn’t seem real. From the hotel hangs and rehearsals, to the dinners and post show pizza, the vibes were HIGH.”

“When it comes to the performance it’s still hard to process how amazing it really was to be up there on that stage. No doubt a defining moment of my career,” he added. “I hope you felt how much you mean to the world that night. We were all in awe of you up there and I was just the guy lucky enough to have the best seat in the house.”

What did you think of Luke and Tracy’s performance?

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