Damar Hamlin sat down with Michael Strahan for an in depth interview on ABC, but there were a few things he stopped short from answering.  The world watched in horror during Monday Night Football when he collapsed on the field from cardiac arrest.  Strahan walked him through those moments and asked if he remembered standing up after the hit, before he collapsed. Hamlin said he didn’t want to go into that.

Strahan asks (at the 4:18 mark), “you’re 24, peak physical condition…can run circles around me right now. How did the doctors describe what happened to you?” After a long pause, Hamlin said “that’s something I want to stay away from.” Strahan follows up asking about whether Hamlin was ever told of any hearts issues after numerous physicals required of pro players. “Honestly…no.”

He credits his miraculous recovery to God and prayer he received in that week following his incident. He still feels like he “won the game of life.” He’s also teaming up with the American Heart Association to try to get 3 million more people signed up to learn CPR, after his experience inspired countless people to learn the method.



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