When Beyoncé announced she’s going on tour (AND COMING TO THE NEWLY MINTED L&N STADIUM IN LOUISVILLE), fans started getting the sweats about whether there would be a repeat of the Taylor tour fiasco.

The Renaissane tour starts in Europe this May before landing in North America in July. Ticket demand is expected to be huge so Ticketmaster is asking fans to register for their Verified Fan process that they hope will filter out bots before the on sale Monday.

Even if you get registered, it’s not a guarantee because they do a “lottery-style process” if demand is greater than the number of available tickets. Politicians will be keeping a close eye on how the system copes with this show as a hearing was just held over the Taylor Swift case.

The Renaissance tour is Beyoncé’s first extended trip since her On The Run tour in 2018. Be listening for your chance to win tickets from us!

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