Wiz Khalifa’s New Song Is Delicious…For More Than One Reason

Wiz Khalifa is making history with his new song…it will ONLY be available on an Oreo cookie.

Yep…we know.  How in the whaaaa??  But then you see the commercial where he is playing with his 5-year-old son Sebastien and they are eating Oreos and you want to give them all of your money. So this is the deal: Oreo will release a limited-edition Music Box that will be able to play tunes straight from an Oreo cookie. The cookie apparently works just like a record – you place an Oreo cookie on the Music Box, slide the record arm in place and the song plays.

The full :30 spot will debut during Sunday’s Grammys but they put a :15 teaser out now.  Then you can win an Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Limited-Edition Music Boxes on their website on Sunday.





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