Will The Eras Tour Make Taylor Swift A Billionaire?

It’s a fair question because you know how difficult it’s been to get those sold-out tickets to the Eras Tour… Will the Eras Tour make Taylor Swift a billionaire?

Peter Cohan with Forbes shows that it’s totally possible.

Experts told me in December that her 52-date concert tour could gross $620 million — of which she could keep about $500 million. This week those experts stuck with their estimates — but suggested that she could net even more.

Since that $500 million estimate assumes an average ticket price of $215, her take could be as much as $1.5 billion if the average ticket price is $700 as one expert told me.

And this doesn’t include any international touring should she add dates once she’s finished in the United States.

More money talk about Taylor, ticket sales, and taxes from people smarter than us (aka Forbes) right here!

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