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Wet Nose Wednesday – Roscoe the Rescue

Introducing you to our Wet Nose Wednesday star, Roscoe.

Here’s a little more about our superstar! Blam! Pow! Whoosh! Sorry, just working on acting out my side effects. Do I look like a comic book superhero yet? What do you think of the name Rockstar Roscoe? How about Roscoe the Radiant? I feel like “Roscoe” is a little too one-dimensional, you know? I’ve already got the heroic jumping, dashing good looks and doggone stellar personality of a superhero. All I’m missing is a loving family to come home to! I’m about four years old and appear to be an American Pit Bull Terrier mix. I was originally up for adoption at a shelter in Louisiana. But then this huge, scary thunderstorm like thingy called a “Hurricane Ida” formed. My former shelter had to evacuate us so they could have room for missing and displaced pets! Shelters like the Kentucky Humane stepped up to help animals like me so I could still find my forever family. When you visit me, I’m gonna be so excited! I often jump to say hi…but I’m learning humans don’t really like that. How am I supposed to show them I want to be friends, though? Humans are so silly! I would love a family that is active like me and could be patient as I learn how to live in a human world! Any kiddos living with me should also be over 10 years old so that I don’t knock them over! The staff at KHS wanted to give me time to adjust, so I haven’t met other animals or children yet. If you have kiddos or doggos at home, you can bring them to meet me! I’m also neutered, micro-chipped and up-to-date on my shots. Now that I think of it, adopting a dog is pretty heroic. Maybe we both can be superheroes? After all, Roscoe the Rescued has a nice ring to it!

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