Watch The World’s Worst Driver Play Parking Lot Pinball

Woman driving car

The world’s worst driver couldn’t be troubled with asking other people to move their cars. So she moved them herself.

I have to be honest. Last year after Thunder Over Louisville, I was tempted to do this very same thing. Not because there was nobody in the other cars and I wanted to leave. But because there were people in the cars, none of them were moving and I wanted to leave.

But anyway, back to driver of the year here. This lady was so determined to leave wherever she was that she was just hitting cars and squeezing through as she saw fit. You will notice she didn’t leave the courtesy “sorry I hit your car, here’s my phone number” notes.

She just hit a Beeeeinz…she just hit a Beeeeeeinz.

Indeed she did, sir. Indeed she did.



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