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Maybe you have come across someone on your social media feed that shared the story of Ashley McGuire. She went viral with the search for her husband who ghosted her and their kids. The reason she wants to find him?  Not because she’s worried about his welfare or wants him to come home…she needs to locate him to divorce him. 

She’s just ready to “finally close this chapter” and “move on” with her life by getting his signature on a few documents to finalize their divorce. Six hours after Ashley’s Facebook post about Charles who is a chef (former contestant on “Chopped”) now going by “Charlie”, the public tracked him down and now Ashley has more than enough information to locate him.


@nerdypinkpanda Replying to @Jay Megan #Update on #charleswithers ….his wife isnt the only one he ran out on! #breakingnews #fyp #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Jay Megan

The internet wins once again!!!

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