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This 64-Year-Old Completed The Kettlebell Challenge In Record Time

A 64-year-old grandfather has set a record for the quickest time to complete 10,000 kettlebell swings — while waiting for a hip replacement.

Jack Gilchrist decided to give the Worldwide Kettlebell Challenge a go and he SLAYED IT. Each swing is with a 56-pound metal bell in each hand, swinging them in a skiing motion while moving in and out of a semi squat. He had to do 10,000 swings in a month and knocked it out in 21 days. So now he’s set his sights on doing 100,000 swings in around 200 days.

He has been waiting for two years for a hip replacement by the way, which has been pushed back by pandemic restrictions.

Gilchrist, of Chorley, Lancashire, said: “People normally do 500 [swings] a day for 28 days, taking weekends off. The most I’ve ever done is 1,200 in a day. I’m 64 this year and the kettlebell swings only form a small part of my daily workout. I walked over 800 miles in the first lockdown last March.”

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