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The Peloton Holiday Commercial Husband Is Getting Hate Mail

So the backlash of the Peloton holiday commercial continues…it centers around a few points. One: that a husband would “gift” his wife with equipment to “transform” her. Second: that she’s already a skinny athletic model.

Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin poked fun at it by quickly putting out a girls night intervention ad for the wife.

But the ‘Peloton husband’ is not fairing as well. Actor Sean Hunter slammed the “Saturday Night Live” spoof of the commercial saying ‘I love SNL, but they should see the DM’s I have, it’s hurtful.’

Hunter, an elementary school teacher from Canada, said he can’t even afford one of the $2,000 bikes. And he’s flooded with hate mail.   Has the company reached out? “No, not at all. I mean, I wish they would.’

He added ‘SNL’ was “reinforcing that that’s what people are thinking about it. I don’t feel that way. That’s not the truth about the commercial at all.”



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