Taylor Swift Bought A Mansion… With An Orangery

Call her a London girl. According to The Sun, Taylor Swift has scooped up a mansion in London for more than £10 million — which is  about $12.7 million in USD. That sounds like a lot to people like us, but when you’re a *billionaire* that’s one 1/76 of your net worth. Sheesh!

The news outlet mentions she’s working on making it her own now:

The American popstar’s North London mansion is set to have all the trimmings of luxury and will include a swimming pool alongside an orangery, according to planning documents.

Forget the pool! If that’s true, she’ll be growing her own oranges. We can already hear her rhyming SOMETHING with orange in a song now and we.cannot.wait!

We don’t have pics right now, but feel free to see the broken ground snap from The Sun!

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