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If you’re getting ten items of less in your Target run, then nothing will likely change for you when it comes to their pilot program on self checkout scanners. Target is testing out a new policy is a select number of stores to curb the sometimes slower, sometimes unreliable machines that people check out on without a human cashier.

CNN adds that this might also be to curb losses for the company,

Notably, retailers lose more possible sales with self-checkout than full-service cashiers, both from intentional shoplifting and honest errors by customers.

The Target COO John Mulligan explained that this was something shoppers asked for.  “Our guests tell us they enjoy interacting with our team.”

Anchors from WDRB point out two headaches you might deal with at Target: (1) people who are slow and inefficient at scanning their own items at the self checkout and (2) sometimes the store only having a single cashier open to scan items, which can lead to a hefty line.

Have you seen this rule come into play at your local Target or nah?

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