Sony (yes, the electronics company) has debuted its first-ever car – or at least a prototype – with sensors for safety and a panoramic dashboard screen for mobile entertainment.

They are calling it the Vision S and it looks pretty amazing! Sony hinted that the Vision S prototype is designed to be an ‘EV,’ or electric vehicle, and highlighted its ‘adaptability’ and continuous cloud updating capabilities.

Check out the panoramic sun roof, what appear to be carbon ceramic brakes and a plush interior! And you know when it’s the
brain child of an entertainment technology company, the real stars of the Vision S are its audio and visual capacities and advanced sensor technology.  The speakers will give you a 360 degree audio experience!

Sony envisions ‘cars as the new entertainment space,’ and is focusing on not just mobile technology but ‘mobility technology.’

No word on how much or when it might be for sale, but you can read more HERE

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