Source: YouTube

 Some waste management professionals came through in a big way for a woman in Greenville, South Carolina who lost her wedding band!

Melanie Harper was just making a routine run to the recycling center but as she was separating plastics and paper, she accidentally separated from her white gold and diamonds as well.

Her wedding band slipped off into the bins and she was sure she’d never see it again. So she emailed the city’s public works department and asked them if they could keep an eye out for a glittery band amid the trash. They did more than keep an eye out, they upended the whole container in the parking lot and starting sifting!  

After hours of searching, Travis was the guy who found it!  The Greenville South Carolina Facebook page gave a shout-out to Travis and the other staff members who pitched in to find the ring. “We are so grateful for your commitment to our community.”

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