Post Malone Wanted A “Raising Cane’s” Near His House…And Even Designed It

Post Malone recently moved to Utah and LOVES him some Raising Cane’s. In fact, he reached out to founder Todd Graves and asked that he build a location near his house. Oh….and he wanted to design it. Done!  The store has a newly-redesigned dining room, landscaping, and all-pink exterior, with prints of his face and tattoos.

The inside will have solid pink flooring, as well as window wraps to create a glow during nighttime hours. You’ll find some of Post Malone’s iconic outfits hanging on the walls. There’s a 1974 Ford F250 that will be permanently parked outside. It opens tomorrow.

Why does his love Raising Cane’s so much? Nostalgia. An tasty chicken. “I have the best childhood memories of eating at Raising Cane’s in Dallas,” “Collaborating with Todd on this restaurant near my house in Utah was awesome and I can’t wait for everyone to order their meal the ‘Posty Way.’” That order would include chicken fingers, crinkle-cut fries, two Cane’s sauces, two Texas toasts, and a special collector’s cup filled with unsweet tea and lemonade.

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