A new body modification trend has taken off and believe it or not, it’s more shocking than dermal horns or gauged ears. It’s conch removal.

Another day, another trend in body modification. I can remember the first time I saw someone with a pierced tongue. It was on the Geraldo Rivera show in the 90’s. I was disturbed by it. Then, Limp Bizkit and Crazytown came along, all the kids were wearin Jnco jeans and getting their tongues pierced and it didn’t all seem so bad.

Over the years, body modification has taken many forms from gauged ears, surface piercings and dermals to what we have today. Conch removal.

I’m no Ear, Nose and Throat specialist but I feel like removing that part of your ear may have some impact on your hearing. To say nothing of your employment possibilities.

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