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Movie Stars Say What Movie Last Made Them Cry

Nothing like a good cry from an emotional scene in a movie, right? So The Hollywood Reporter asked several movie stars what movie made them cry.

Matt Damon said, “I rewatched ‘Up’ with the kids recently, and that gets me every time.”

Tom Hanks replied:  “I just saw the documentary ‘Buck’ — there’s a horse that is so damaged that even he knows he needs to be put down.”

Eddie Murphy chose an episode of TV’s “Good Times”, “the episode where James dies, and they’re having the funeral. I’ve seen it a million times, too. Forty years I’ve been crying at this.”

Toronto International Film Festival attendees were also asked to share what actor or character they wanted to grow up to be like. Daniel Craig wanted to be Lee Majors on “The Six Million Dollar Man”, and Jennifer Lopez was envious of Judy Jetson’s closet on “The Jetsons”, adding, “That was my dream.”

“Hustlers” actress Keke Palmer said, “Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven or Moesha,” three characters that actually describe Palmer’s persona quite accurately.

When asked, “If your cast were to rob a bank, who would be the mastermind and who would be the getaway driver?” Felicity Jones quickly told her “Aeronauts” co-star Eddie Redmayne, “You’re the brains and I’m the muscle.”



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