In the last year, we’ve all become Do-It-Yourselfers in one way or another…hair dye at home has been a big one. Well, Tik Tok user @theonlykeef documented how his mom ended up staining her hands, face and clothes in a hair dye disaster…and it’s hilarious!  She said,  “I wanted to look like Midnight Ruby.”  After it got on EVERYTHING, she decided not to risk staining the porcelain in her bathroom, so her son’s took her to the self car wash.


@theonlykeefThe salon experience. Watch the end! #trending #comedy #hairdye #fail #carwashspa #likethat #unexpected

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They used their cars as bookends to block anyone from seeing her use the sprayer to wash the dye out in the car wash bay. Oh…and it was 40 degrees outside!   She says,

“I’m so cold. I have many regrets,”

Her son says, “Let’s get out of here before anybody starts asking questions…”  LOL

No surprise it went viral on TikTok!

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