Man Mows The Most Overgrown Lawns In His Community For Free

A man in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is helping neighbors keep their yards in good shape at no charge by using his lawn mower.

34-year-old Alex Wells decided to start knocking on doors offering to mow their lawn, and he’s been happy with the reactions. His lawn service is called Mow It Wells…and he looks for the most overgrown lawns. 

“If their lawn is overgrown, there’s a reason. So I try to find out that story,” said Wells. And man did he find some stories! 

The first person he served was a cancer patient who lived by herself. She couldn’t hold back the tears when he told her there was no charge! He said it was “a really, really good feeling.”

He shares the before and after pictures on his socials and followers love seeing the transformations. That’s also how he funds the project. 

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